Ridger for Sale - Farm Implements


Used for making ridges for planting tobacco, potato and other vegetables. The ridger fully adjustable for giving different accurate row widths.

To obtain the correct ridge profile and retain soil flow, the high grade mould boards are adjustable. The ridger can also be used for earthing up the crops sown in rows.
The mouldbards of each ridger body are easily adjustable to give the exact ridge profile for maximum crop yield.

The ridger bodies are staggered in formation to allow smooth soil flow with no blockages even when the machine is working at maximum depth.

The frame and headstock are indentical to those used on the tiller so compatibility of parts or interchangeability of legs is easy and reduces cost.


Also available in

  • Ridger 1

    Ridger 1
  • Ridger 2

    Ridger 2
  • Ridger 3

    Ridger 3


Max. Row Spacing 711 m (Decreasing in increments of 25 mm)
Overall width 1,778 mm
Depth 1,050 mm
Clearance(under frame) 550 mm
Weight 145 Kg
Tractor Compatibility Above 50 HP